A New Year has different meanings. It also marks the perpetual passing of the previous year. For many, it means another opportunity to further oneself - to evolve and flourish. Around the world, new year celebrations are loud and colorful, to the dismay of the animal kingdom who, on the cusp of these celebrations, are more frightful than cheerful, and for a substantial reason. While some decide to partake in the bright lights and loud sounds, others celebrate quietly at home with loved ones or in a different space. There are also those folks who, instead of celebrating, are stuck at work - an excellent place to be nonetheless. Regardless of where one is, or if celebrations, serenity or working is the activity of choice on the last day of the year, many people find themselves introspectively revisiting the previous year, racking their brains to jot down to do's for the new year. Resolutions.

As a child, mummy always insisted upon a list of resolutions - the practical and emboldening kind that would avail personal development differently than before - a sort of band-aid for the bruises earned in the previous year.

There was something unique and exhilarating about filtering through the beautiful and deplorable moments of the previous year, and this made resolutions seem a lot like starting anew, following the same principle as a second chance. However, as age came, resolutions vanished from thought. There was no longer any exhilaration; instead, a reminder that time was ticking away, and demeanors were manifesting themselves in different ways. The authenticity of adulthood became apparent, and this consciousness stole the breath away from caring about such reminders. Supplementally, it made the vigilance of being unable to commit to these resolutions much more compound, and this hampered positive thinking. If anything, it nurtured disappointment and other negative feelings of self.

However, the thing is, resolutions are not meant to blast negative effect, rather, it is intended to nurture personal development, and until this is understood, feelings of distrust for this word will loop in one's psyche, as it did in mine for a long time. Needless to state, the process of rehabilitating this annual childhood tradition holds on and, as a result, appreciation for the reasoning behind the need for resolutions in the first place is more transparent. Instead of sitting eagerly with pen and paper, one constructs them silently and within the mind, and makes firm decisions for the future whether in life, love, vocation or otherwise which in essence, falls in line with reasons to make resolutions.

So, after many years of shying away, the act of making resolutions is embraced and provides a helpful reminder of why it is essential to not wait until the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one to make plans for evolution, instead, practice it daily. Enlighten the mind always. Encourage growth even when the right conditions, lack presence.


In a society where self-esteem issues run rampant and many lack a sense of obligation to anything or anyone, this practice can, hopefully, be an easily accessible source of corrective measure.

In honor of this post, check out my video "A New Year Awaits."