The early morning light

The following project was born from the want to partake in an online, art-based competition, which, after a while, seemed more like unnecessary work without much reward. My mind obviously talked itself out of participating but didn't talk itself out of bringing the idea to life. An idea I actually wanted to follow through with. So, I trekked down to the Mission district and popped into one of the more popular fabric stores in that neighborhood and bought myself yards and yards of silver, sequined fabric to make a dress. 

It took me about two weeks, several rolls of thread and the only needle I owned, to put the dress together. 

Mark - the photographer - said we should catch the early morning light as it peeped through the trees. Wake up time was at 4:00 am with a call time of 5:00 am. Jamie - the masked man - helped with my makeup. More like verbally guided me by telling me what looked good and what didn't. Then we got dressed, walked to meet Mark then hopped on a bus to an area in San Francisco called - Lands End.

With no concept for the actual photo shoot, Mark was free to direct. We wrapped about 40 minutes after we began. By this time the sun was out and the bus was fairly packed. It was an embarrassing ride back home as people kept staring at my makeup, but regardless of their glances and mental commentary, I was happy, as I felt like yet another personal accomplishment was achieved.

Photos by: Mark Elzey