The thing about being interviewed is, there is a chance the writer won't get everything right. In this case my name and the name of the pageant. I am not saying mistakes are bad. Or maybe I am? Who can say for sure? What I can say is, apart from the misspelling, the writer said some really nice things about me. Well thanks, Suszanna!

Published a day after the show, I obviously didn't read this until after my return. I snagged a copy of this little literary gem, thanks to my family. They always did a great job saving all these articles and newspaper clippings for me.

As I try to think about how to close this paragraph, a flashback of the photo shoot pops into my head. Denise Darlington, my chaperone, had connections with the YMCA. In their outdoor space and the pool, the photo shoot went down! There are a few other photos that we snapped for this article, but didn't make it in. However, the two that did were pleasing to the eye.