This is one of my favourite pictures. Oh, how I wish it were bigger. I think I actually have the negatives somewhere in a drawer, stuffed in an envelope. Yes, I said negatives. That's how ancient this picture is!

When I initially spoke to the photographer, he told me to walk with Indian wear as the shoot was for an article about Indian makeup. This news made me happy. For as long as I could remember, my great-grandmother "Ma", as she was commonly called, wore traditional Indian wear daily.

After her death, my uncle was bestowed with a few of her things and so I sought out his help. He gave me this beautiful sari to wear for the shoot - it was purple and green with gold stripes and trimmings. He also gave me some of her gold jewelry - a necklace, a bracelet, bangles, and earrings. It was such a wonderful feeling being photographed wearing my great grandmother's things, as it made this experience and picture that much more special.  

aldwyn sin pang

Credits: Aldwyn Sing Pang & Leasel Rovedas