In the world of pageantry, at least in my experience, there was a media day. On that day the media would be invited to snap photos of the delegates or winner for use in any articles on or promotion of the related pageant.

The Miss Teen Trinidad & Tobago committee hosted a media day and invited several photographers to snap photos of me. These particular photos ended up being often used in a Trinidadian newspaper called the Sunday Punch. Known for x-rated content, the Sunday Punch definitely made my life a bit of a living hell. Heckled by people who recognized my face from the paper, I even received "fan mail" from the inmates at the local jail and from several countries around the world. People even found my phone number in the local directory and called my home. Eventually, I asked the Sunday Punch to please stop publishing the pictures and after a while they obliged. 

Credit: Suresh Cholai