I remember stumbling upon this newspaper while walking through City Gate - the main transportation hub in the capital of Trinidad. I was heading to school. I remember the mental acclamation that came over me. A sort of secret pat on the back. I felt happy because there I was, on the cover of this newspaper as Miss Teen Trinidad and Tobago. What a feeling! Sadly, I lost the rest of it and the company crashed and burned, so this cover page image is all that remained.

Nonetheless, I have beautiful memories of the pageant. I remember feeling really confident that night. I spoke, walked and performed well. I played the steel pan for the talent segment and walked the runway in an evening gown designed by my big sister Tamika. My sponsor was one of my father's best friends. She was such a sweet woman. She called to congratulate me that day after seeing the newspaper herself, with her name written on my sponsor sash and proudly draped across my body. 


Credit: The Wire & Esau M. Jan