Technological consumption

Heads look down at phones in hand while crossing the street. Couples sit across from each other while scrolling through social media feeds. Coffee shops are filled with heads hidden behind monochromatic screens. Children scream "iPad, iPad," before they could speak. 


Technology use consumes so much time, and for many, disconnection is an arduous thing. Some may wish to state evolution is - the transmuting of society, the expansion of communication and the incrementation in more astute electronics, hence an increase in usage. Others may think otherwise. But one thing is certain, technology now facilitates many lives. From laptops to phones to tablets and even applications, these pieces of equipment are essential to human existence, more so, communication channels. Phones have single-handedly made many things more accessible, and the applications they host have made many people more independently resourceful. From budding photographers to writers, everyone has their own world in the cyber social realm primarily because of the same pieces of equipment upon which use and overuse rely. Laptops have allowed mobility and encouraged an increase in coffee shop laptop loungers, and in a way, the world is perpetually and actively more productive and creative. Opposition - it exists even when unseen. 


But, as advantageous as these tools are, the downside oozes negative impact, particularly on a social level. As a result of these helpful tools, human interaction has changed, while cyber harassment continues to grow and evolve. People hide behind screens, sending binary waves of unpleasant words to others, while some publicly shame ex-significant others by sharing intimate images - and these are just the bare essentials - another story to elaborate upon, another time.

Humans never cease to capitalize on helpful resources, in some way, turning them into foes than friends.

Naturally, opposition exists within, a trait many make full use of, leaning more towards the negative side of it than the positive. Nevertheless, the allowances technology has provided, even within the negative scope, is still limitless and will continue to aid advancement and progression in many facets of life. What has to transpire is for humans to learn how to find the balance to curb obsession, dependency and even addiction - that is, if one cares about that.

Balance - a difficult thing to achieve. Some travel around the world, hoping to find it, while some read or attend meditation or yoga classes. Balance exists not only in the tangible, but the intangible. There are those days when thoughts lack balance, weighing down a mind. That is the sort of intangible balance to which I speak. And, so, even as it relates to technology and its consumption, both tangible and intangible balance are important and need more consideration. Taking the time to break away from bright screens and alleviate finger cramps from excessive scrolling. Taking the time to set that phone down without checking it every five seconds. Taking a moment to give technology the break it requires and the break you require is a step or two closer to achieving that balance. It is consequential for the human body as well. It is important for congruous bodily function, and if that is so, then balance needs more pertinence in other aspects of life, especially when it comes to consumption - in this case, technological consumption.

So, until curbing of personal use boundaries becomes the norm, technological consumption will continue to evolve, eventually rendering itself overbearing, with inconvenience and addiction superseding convenience and productivity. At the end of it all though, it comes down to one simple word. Control. Actually two words - self-control. Self-control is the line of equilibrium that dissevers or defines use and overuse - and it is an endeavoring characteristic to harbor and utilize.

So, once self-control is given the chance to take the lead and assist with decision making, then we will find some sort of balance within our own technological consumption - one that makes us feel more connected to each other and this beautiful world we share - one that makes us more mindful of our productivity levels and innate abilities, instead of the technological devices that facilitate them in the first place.

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