Tiva Lee Samaru
educator. performance artist. creative soul


Autobiographical, so to speak.


Sometime in 2012, on a beautiful sunny day in the Golden State; California, the internet in my building chose not to commit to its duty, forcing its "work from home" residents, like myself, out of the building and into over-filled coffee shops.

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A New Year means so many things to so many people. It also marks the perpetual passing of the previous year. Inevitably time takes things away, including days, weeks, months and years - making what was known as the present, now the past.

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 As a twin, questions about life - as a twin, perpetually loop like the refrain from a modern-day pop musical composition, with the only sensible answer to many of these questions being - twin life is like any other, the only thing that makes it different is the oddities others know little about.



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